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New OGL Module in Planning!

January 12th, 2023 by

Welcome to the Realm of Silvermere, the decayed capital of a once-great empire. Competing factions, partisan divisions, and racial mistrust have led to isolation in a once-connected world.

Where populations have become divided, new threats have found a home to thrive. Evil dragons, demonic invaders from a dark realm, and the paranoia of your fellow humanoids make this world come to life – and they bring many parties to their death.

Based on the OGL v1.0a Roll20 system, this module enhances everyone’s favorite Role Playing Game with a whole new realm to explore.

New classes, new races, new quests, artifacts, and challenges. Monster lairs are deep and elaborate enough to cover multiple levels. Enter a world so large, with dungeons so deep, that no party can clear all of the challenges before reaching level 18, or even 25!

And why stop there? Why not challenge – and become – the gods themselves? Rules for high level characters to pursue divinity and establish their own cults is also included.

D&D: A game that truly defies the concept of ownership, because so much of it has been created by the players who are passionate about it – not the suits who showed up recently, the investors they represent, or the overpriced books they crapped out.

(PS: I want my refunds for those $50 books that fall apart under light use)

Countless hours of work went into this module to be released at some yet undetermined date, and the subjective value of this endeavor is incalculable.

A damaged crown…

The monarch’s house is little but a tired tradition, and the head the crown weighs upon is just as exhausted. King Rannis the Fifth, like countless kings and queens before him, has inherited a position that means less and less by the day. Where once the king could command myriad legions of knights and paladins and war clerics, he often struggles now to maintain the staffing of the city guard.

Many noble families feel similarly slighted, as their fortunes relied on their loyalty to the king. Many estates and fortunes have been mortgaged in hopes of attaining favors that never materialized. Once-proud families have been reduced to begging and scheming to achieve their ambitions and to maintain the luxuries they have become accustomed to.

A church in despair…

A once glorious church also sits on the edge of ruin. Its leaders have fallen to doubt and crises of faith as the patron god’s miracles and interventions become fewer and fewer in number. Holy relics, artifacts, and divine charms lay cracked, drained of magic, and crumbling.

The bishop sits on a throne inlaid with gold and silver, praying alone in the temple chapel. He is perhaps the last true believer, but he is also perfectly incapable of leading this church to reunion with its gods. The corruption, waste, and abuse that happens under his nose is beyond his sight or comprehension.

…and horrors no one could be prepared for

From depths far below the city streets and sewers; from smoky caverns of fire; and planes beyond mortal comprehension: New threats and dangers thrive and gather strength. Dark forces plot and whisper twisted thoughts into the ears and minds of the powerful. Elder dragons seek to reclaim lands that were once wild and untouched by the hand of humanoid races. Diabolic infiltrators smell the flesh on a vital plane of living souls that can feed their eternal hungers.

New Classes

Wardancers – With exotic weapons, light armor, and a few magic tricks up their sleeve, wardancers are one of the martial classes to be most feared.

Inquisitors – Masters of the blade and heavy armor, these warriors are sworn to eradicate all forms of magic on sight. While refusing to take any advantage from magical items, they also have powerful resistances against magical attacks and enchantment.

New Races

To be announced!

New Monsters

To be discovered!

New Dilemmas

To challenge your party…

Stay tuned for more news as it develops!

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