Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Fly by night archaeology, LLC

“Keep digging!” Fizzlerik grinned easily. He had the uncanny ability to be charming even as he barked unreasonable orders, and he knew it. Rinnis panted, “Fizz!” The full Sower’s Moon lit up the graveyard. A crisp spring breeze howled along the rocky embankments and stony crypts. Shifting back to humanoid form, the elder goblin Rinnis […]

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The Journey of Drevlov and Thomas Buren

The wagon cracked and creaked as it kicked a steady cloud of dust toward the already-dusty skies. A warm, dry wind continually stirred the parched soil, creating a dusky haze that provided only minimal protection from the smoldering orange sun. Thomas wiped the dusty sweat from his forehead. “It’s a damn miserable day,” he grunted. […]

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Garong Gets a Holiday

“Go home, Garong. There’s no work for you today.” The hooded figure didn’t even look up. “Wait, but, I need…” “I know Garong, it’s all taken care of. You’ve got a holiday.” “A… What.” The minotaur stammered, frustrated and fearful of missing the day’s wage… and the meals that went with it, for that matter. […]

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Luraliath’s Needle

Fine tailoring and alterations in Rhuduar In a dark, small shop near the corner of Rhuduar’s main square, Luraliath Darkstitch sells her line of magically imbued – and eternally fashionable – cloth garments. Her meticulous attention to detail shows in every stitch and seem and enchanted thread. Just west of town square in Rhuduar, a […]

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Lord Jorrand (aka Lord Fancy Pants)

Lord Jorrand is a high ranking noble – and middle-ranking manager of Sheriff Lionheart‘s army and city-defense force. It has been many years since Lord Jorrand has personally seen battle, but he is effective at finding new recruits and helping to ensure that independent adventurers work for the benefit of Silvermere. He can often be […]

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Sheriff Lionheart

Gent Lionheart is the sheriff of Silvermere. He has been the top military officer of Silvermere for the last ten years, and in this time he has increasingly lead the city’s knights to attack outward threats. Although he can be patronizing at times, Sheriff Lionheart is a courageous and honorable leader. Without dispute, he is […]

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