Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Race: Simic hybrid
Class: Rogue
Sex: Female
Guild: House Dimir
Profession: Miner (copper)


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Moral Development: Instrumental Egoism


Generation: Early Civic
Extroversion: (I) Extreme Introversion
Sensing Style: (S) Detail Oriented
Judging Style: (F) Strong Feeler
Planning Style: (J) Prefers a plan


Azorius - Boros: A Wojek wants to put his Lawmage friend into power. Together they heckle the Golgari into rioting and then arrest the rioters, thus making the lawmage look exceptionally good.

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Sources and Description Info:

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Generational Archetypes - Relative age and personality, and how age groups relate with society
Personality Type Indicator - MBTI Personality Types
Ravnica Plot Hooks - TuesdayTastic's D100 table of Ravnica plot hooks
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