Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Ebony Greataxe

The shaft of this large, double-bladed axe is crafted with a dark ebony wood. The wood is polished to a blackened shine, and knobs on the grip are shaped crudely in to the form of skulls. The three foot long handle is topped by a large axe head of darkened steel, sharpened to a razor […]

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Platinum Robes

Enchanted platinum strands are embroidered throughout the cuffs, seams, and entire length of these shimmering priestly robes. The magic imbued within them calls for the benevolent gods to protect its wearer from both physical and magical attacks. The regal materials and reflectivity of this robe may make its wearer appear to be an obvious and […]

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Icosahedron of Chaos

It has been said that Gilean is a cruel, stubborn, and powerful god, but there exists an artifact in the realm that can undo even his designs. The Icosahedron of Chaos is rumored to be a piece of the ancient god, Chaos, who originally created Gilean. With this twenty-sided magical device, users can bend reality […]

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