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Black House, Slums

August 26th, 2020 by

Toward the southern edge of Silvermere’s slums stands a tall, dark building.

The black house is located just east of the main road through the slums. By taking the second to last alleyway eastbound, you will arrive at the house by turning at the next corner. From that corner, the house is immediately visible.

The entire wooden structure of this house has been painted black. All windows have been boarded up, and the boards too are painted black.

No signs or notices provide information about the structure, and it is absent of any adornments with the exception of a keyhole in the door that resembles a five pointed star.

It is also notable that this particular block seems clean and quiet compared to the others. Even the squeaks and rustles of cats and mice seems absent.

Surveillance of the property is unlikely to provide any additional information. On rare occasions (approximately twice a week), a group of 2d4 cultists will arrive with 1d4 prisoners.

The door to the house can easily be picked by any character of level 2 or higher who has the appropriate lockpicking skill. (DC10)

Cultists have two hit dice and attack with serrated daggers for 1d4+1 damage. 3 cultists in close range may spend one turn’s action to collectively cast a single drain life spell. This spell deals 1d6 damage to any target and heals that amount of hit points to another target.

If rescued, the prisoners are discovered to be in a state of mental incapacitation resembling a coma. They appear to be vagrants or local troublemakers – people that wouldn’t be noticed to be missing. No spell or healing ritual undoes this affliction, although the temple will be willing to take them in and try. It is implied, but not explicitly stated, that the temple is unable to provide them with anything other than a peaceful end under the blessing of the local deity.

Cultists provide the following upon defeat:

  • Serrated dagger – 10%
  • Minor healing potion – 10%
  • Bone necklace – 5%
  • 1d4 silver coins
  • Black robes – 25%
  • Black star key – one per group

Serrated dagger hits for 1d4+1 damage and provides no other bonuses to any other stats. They can be sold to blade merchants for 1 gold coin.

This large dagger has been forged with a jagged and serrated edge, designed to inflict maximum injuries. The steel is sharp, and well tempered. It feels light, but it is poorly balanced and is sometimes awkward to handle.

Bone necklace provides +1 to hit. It is a magical item requiring attunement. Magical item shops may be interested in purchase at a price between 5 and 10 gold pieces.

Fragments of bone are threaded along a thin silver chain. This necklace is cool to the touch and the bones feel as though they are coated in some sort of an oily substance. Upon attunement, the wearer gains insight to a target’s vulnerabilities.

Black robes are normal robe armor in the color of black. They are not magical and do not provide any bonuses to any stats other than the armor normally provided by cloth.

These black robes are well worn but in good condition after being removed from the slain cultist. They are sown with a thick, itchy material that provides excellent protection from the elements at what appears to be a very low cost.

Black star key is dropped by one cultist in each group. It opens the door to the black house.

This black metal key has five prongs in the shape of a star.

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