Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Platinum Robes

Enchanted platinum strands are embroidered throughout the cuffs, seams, and entire length of these shimmering priestly robes. The magic imbued within them calls for the benevolent gods to protect its wearer from both physical and magical attacks. The regal materials and reflectivity of this robe may make its wearer appear to be an obvious and […]

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The Northern Forests – Qa’Ni

To the elves of Qualinost, their sacred forst lands are known as Qa’Ni. To the humans of Silvermere, it is known simply as The Northern Forest. Despite the inauspicious label, its plain name still evokes awe and wonder from the residents of Silvermere who can only marvel at the legends of magical plants and animals that inhabit this strange autumnal wood.

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Elven Dreams

The companions settled in to a comfortable life in Qualinost – the hazy sort of indulgence that is only possible for the shorter-lived races who dwell among the elves. Daily tasks and chores are nearly eliminated through magic and nature combined. Trees, heavy with fruits and nuts and seed, bend their branches directly toward each […]

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