Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Rumors in Qualinost

As night falls, the ladders to the tree city are pulled up and archers take guard over the city. Elves huddle indoors, speaking in slightly hushed tones. News: The elven guard has become concerned about reports that hill giants have been organizing ogres from the southern forests and leading attacks on travelers and traders A high-ranking elven diplomat, Teresiel, […]

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Qualinost is the name given by the high elves of the northern forest to their city, the surrounding forests, and the river that flows on the borders of their land. While humans see these as three distinct things that should each have their own names, the elves prefer to focus on how all are connected – […]

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A Journey from Silvermere to Qualinost

Although triumphant from the defeat of the minotaur champion, the brave adventurers were quickly frustrated with Captain Herril’s unwillingness to organize and administer the practical details of a utopian workers’ collective in the Silvermere Mines. Eventually, Krista, Lockhart, and Sir Derek were able to convince Anya to sacrifice some idealism for expediency. In turn, Anya […]

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Last Stop Inn

This small inn is one of the buildings closest to the Silvermere’s gates. Although the public room is often quiet, the bar does brisk business selling large quantities of alchohol to travelers and adventurers who are looking for courage before venturing beyond the city’s walls. Lord Jorrand can often be found here, seeking new recruits […]

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Lord Jorrand (aka Lord Fancy Pants)

Lord Jorrand is a high ranking noble – and middle-ranking manager of Sheriff Lionheart‘s army and city-defense force. It has been many years since Lord Jorrand has personally seen battle, but he is effective at finding new recruits and helping to ensure that independent adventurers work for the benefit of Silvermere. He can often be […]

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Icosahedron of Chaos

It has been said that Gilean is a cruel, stubborn, and powerful god, but there exists an artifact in the realm that can undo even his designs. The Icosahedron of Chaos is rumored to be a piece of the ancient god, Chaos, who originally created Gilean. With this twenty-sided magical device, users can bend reality […]

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The City of Silvermere

The city of Silvermere is an ancient city on the Silver River, and it was once the seat to a mighty empire that united all of the world’s kingdoms in peace and prosperity. Today, Silvermere is a city that thinks little of the world around it – except fear. In the west, gnolls worshipping their dark […]

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Silver Mountain Mines

On the north shore of the Silver River is a large mountain rich in silver and other rare metallic ores. Shortly after the founding of Silvermere, prospectors discovered the wealth of the mountain could provide for a great army and wealthy citizenry. After several hundred years of power and prosperity, a dark sect managed to infiltrate […]

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Sheriff Lionheart

Gent Lionheart is the sheriff of Silvermere. He has been the top military officer of Silvermere for the last ten years, and in this time he has increasingly lead the city’s knights to attack outward threats. Although he can be patronizing at times, Sheriff Lionheart is a courageous and honorable leader. Without dispute, he is […]

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Temple of Nobanian

The temple of Nobanian is the largest temple in Silvermere. It is pictured above as seen from the Silver River. Although dedicated to the patron saint of the city, the temple has instituted an open-faith policy that allows all worshippers of good-aligned gods to use the space as a place of refuge and spiritual growth. […]

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