Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Welcome to the Realm of Silvermere, the decayed capital of a once-great empire. Competing factions, partisan divisions, and racial mistrust have led to isolation in a once-connected world. Where populations have become divided, new threats have found a home to thrive. Evil dragons, demonic invaders from a dark realm, and the paranoia of your fellow […]

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Black House, Slums

Toward the southern edge of Silvermere’s slums stands a tall, dark building. The black house is located just east of the main road through the slums. By taking the second to last alleyway eastbound, you will arrive at the house by turning at the next corner. From that corner, the house is immediately visible. The […]

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The Western Road

A major road leads west from the Silvermere Slums. While suffering from some neglect and disrepair, the stone pavings have stayed mostly intact for centuries. The arid climate of the western plains helps prevent the overgrowth seen from the eastern road through Darkwood Forest, and the western road is also occasionally maintained by those who […]

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Luraliath’s Needle

Fine tailoring and alterations in Rhuduar In a dark, small shop near the corner of Rhuduar’s main square, Luraliath Darkstitch sells her line of magically imbued – and eternally fashionable – cloth garments. Her meticulous attention to detail shows in every stitch and seem and enchanted thread. Just west of town square in Rhuduar, a […]

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The City of Silvermere Graveyard

In the northeast corner of town, a rickety bridge leads over a swift creek and to the rocky outcropping where the city’s graveyard sits. Fortified by Silvermere’s walls, yet distanced by water – the graveyard is both a part of and separate from the city. The bridge itself has an arching surface of thick stone, […]

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Silvermere Slums

South of the city proper lies the slums of Silvermere. Overcrowded with the poor, immigrants, and outcasts, this miniature city showcases the inequality and dangers of an empire in decay.

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Darkwood Forest

Beyond the farms to the south and east of Silvermere, a vast forest of darkwood oaks covers the land. Darkwood oaks grow tall – as high as 100 feet. They also grow closely to each other, making navigation through the forest difficult. An old and broken path remains where there was once a busy road […]

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The Northern Forests – Qa’Ni

To the elves of Qualinost, their sacred forst lands are known as Qa’Ni. To the humans of Silvermere, it is known simply as The Northern Forest. Despite the inauspicious label, its plain name still evokes awe and wonder from the residents of Silvermere who can only marvel at the legends of magical plants and animals that inhabit this strange autumnal wood.

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Elven Dreams

The companions settled in to a comfortable life in Qualinost – the hazy sort of indulgence that is only possible for the shorter-lived races who dwell among the elves. Daily tasks and chores are nearly eliminated through magic and nature combined. Trees, heavy with fruits and nuts and seed, bend their branches directly toward each […]

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The arid region south of Rudar is known to the locals as Bylag.  Though the greater part of the region is xeric, Bylag’s biomes also include a coastal mountain range in the southwest and a vast marsh in the southeast.  Heavy shipping traffic passes through the town of Scuford in the south, traveling up the […]

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