Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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March 11th, 2020 by

“Keep digging!” Fizzlerik grinned easily. He had the uncanny ability to be charming even as he barked unreasonable orders, and he knew it.

Rinnis panted, “Fizz!”

The full Sower’s Moon lit up the graveyard. A crisp spring breeze howled along the rocky embankments and stony crypts.

Shifting back to humanoid form, the elder goblin Rinnis set his shovel down. “I’m ready for that new start you talked about, but this isn’t what I had in mind.”

“I get it! Times are tough and they keep on changing, too. You’re going to need to synchronize with the new paradigms old man, and that costs capital. So check it out: I’m going to let you in on a little secret, and remind you to keep on digging.” Fizzlerick never dropped his dumb grin.

Under normal circumstances, most people wouldn’t be swayed by such an argument. But there was something about the way Fizzlerik presented his nonsense. Maybe it was the confidence. Maybe it was the moonlight. Maybe it was the promise of platinum coins and a new life…

“If the gravekeeper…”

“I know about the gravekeeps.” Fizz sharpened a bloodstained blade against his jeweled main-gauche. “Don’t worry. Keep digging.”

Rinnis focused. He shut out the disruptions.

Soon, he had again taken the form of a primitive primate – an elder evolutionary ancestor of the humanoid races. The shovel still fit dexterously in his hands and he started digging.

“See, you might not know, but financing is an important part of any new business venture…”

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