Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Rumors in Qualinost

As night falls, the ladders to the tree city are pulled up and archers take guard over the city. Elves huddle indoors, speaking in slightly hushed tones. News: The elven guard has become concerned about reports that hill giants have been organizing ogres from the southern forests and leading attacks on travelers and traders A high-ranking elven diplomat, Teresiel, […]

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A Journey from Silvermere to Qualinost

Although triumphant from the defeat of the minotaur champion, the brave adventurers were quickly frustrated with Captain Herril’s unwillingness to organize and administer the practical details of a utopian workers’ collective in the Silvermere Mines. Eventually, Krista, Lockhart, and Sir Derek were able to convince Anya to sacrifice some idealism for expediency. In turn, Anya […]

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