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Ebony Greataxe

February 11th, 2020 by

The shaft of this large, double-bladed axe is crafted with a dark ebony wood. The wood is polished to a blackened shine, and knobs on the grip are shaped crudely in to the form of skulls. The three foot long handle is topped by a large axe head of darkened steel, sharpened to a razor edge along both blades.

The massive size of the axe, as well as the density of its wood and metal, makes it impossible to be used effectively by any but the strongest – and tallest – of warriors. Swung in the right hands, however, it can be a crushing and obliterating force.

Upon close inspection, the high quality of craftsmanship that created this weapon becomes evident. The handle is solid and well-balanced, with just enough texture provided to get a good grip on the otherwise smooth surface. The blade head is also well balanced, and retains sharp edges despite many notches indicating frequent use.

A dark energy emanates from the ebony greataxe. Faint, blackened runes can be seen etched in to the axe head, and shadows seem to grow within its presence.

  • Name: Ebony Greataxe
  • Value: 2000 gp
  • Type: Slashing, 2 handed
  • Damage: 1d12+1
  • Other: +1 magical (+1 to hit and damage)
  • Use: Once per day, upon a successful hit, the wielder may choose to cast darkness as a second level spell. The spell lasts for five rounds and is centered upon the location of the wound. The target may resist the spell with a successful save.

The ebony greataxe was owned by the chieftain of the minotaur clan that inhabited the labyrinth blocking the silver mine entrance. None could be certain about its exact origins, but it wouldn’t be entirely out of character if it had been a gift to seal a pact between this tribe and demonic entities.

It isn’t known if the adventurers who destroyed and unsummoned the labyrinth kept or destroyed this weapon along with the ruins it came from, but the grungy shopkeeper from the slums has been asking around if anyone has seen it. He’s willing to pay a handsome price for any who can acquire it!

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