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Icosahedron of Chaos

June 4th, 2015 by

It has been said that Gilean is a cruel, stubborn, and powerful god, but there exists an artifact in the realm that can undo even his designs.

The Icosahedron of Chaos is rumored to be a piece of the ancient god, Chaos, who originally created Gilean. With this twenty-sided magical device, users can bend reality – but the results are highly unpredictable.

By focusing on one of the six key attributes of existence, hurling this artifact can have the following effects:

  • Charisma – often, the residents of the world around Silvermere do not provide the warm welcome and enthusiasm to assist that heroes might wish. Using the Icosahedron of Chaos while asking a favor of the locals can have wonderful – or horrifying – consequences.
  • Strength – characters focusing on strength while throwing the Icosahedron of Chaos may be able to lift large objects that Gilean claims are immovable. Also useful for throwing things, picking up gnomes, and knocking down doors.
  • Dexterity – characters who meditate on movement may be able to leap unbelievable distances, avoid traps as they’re sprung, or even sneak away from the middle of a hostile situation.
  • Intellect – using the artifact while focused on knowledge itself can make previously unknown things become clear. It is rumored that those who roll a 20 might have visions of Gilean’s notebook.
  • Willpower – throwing fate to chaos may be able to strengthen or erode a hero’s resolve. This can be useful in ignoring or amplifying pain, irritation, and fear.
  • Constitution – even death itself can be warded off by those who wield the icosahedron. Constitution saving throws also come in handy while trying to win drinking contests.


Users of the Icosahedron of Chaos must never forget that its results can vary wildly, ranging from great heroic acts to comedic tragedy. Once the dice are rolled, not even Gilean has power to change the chaotic whims of fate.

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