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Platinum Robes

January 30th, 2020 by

Enchanted platinum strands are embroidered throughout the cuffs, seams, and entire length of these shimmering priestly robes. The magic imbued within them calls for the benevolent gods to protect its wearer from both physical and magical attacks.

The regal materials and reflectivity of this robe may make its wearer appear to be an obvious and valuable target. The thick velvety material also makes a particular “woosh” with any significant movements, so they are as ill-suited for stealthy maneuvers as they are ill-suited for hiding and going unseen.

Among the nobility, such finery will surely impress. However, converting the less fortunate may be difficult unless the sermon is accompanied by a generous donation to the needy congregation.

The exact origin of the platinum robes is unknown. They were recently discovered in a cache of treasures collected by the minotaur chieftan who ruled over the labyrinth that had previously blocked the Silver Mountain Mines.

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