Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Rumors in Qualinost

June 17th, 2015 by

As night falls, the ladders to the tree city are pulled up and archers take guard over the city.

Elves huddle indoors, speaking in slightly hushed tones.


  • The elven guard has become concerned about reports that hill giants have been organizing ogres from the southern forests and leading attacks on travelers and traders
  • A high-ranking elven diplomat, Teresiel, was part of a delegation that disappeared on their way to Summit Hall in the Dessarin Valley.  The group was last seen in Beliard, about two weeks ago
  • Captain Blintz will now be making regular voyages from Qualinost to Silvermere, and Silvermere is now looking for immigrants & offering high paying jobs to anyone willing to work in the re-opened mines

Jobs for adventurers:

  • Brennock, a dwarven trader, wants to hire someone to escort him back to Khazarad – safely!
  • Sirrth, an ambitious elf loremaster, is seeking someone who can recover a treasure believed to be buried in an ancient and abandoned dwarven temple under Qua’Roq


  • Wood-elf shamans and sorcerers claim to see the spirits of the dead filling the forests of Qualinost, roaming at night as if they are lost and searching for something. Some high elves have also started reporting similar visions, closer to the city…
  • The winds from the south have becomes foul and hazy, as if some source has poisoned the air itself
  • The city of Neraka fell to destruction because it was cursed by a vengeful wizard whose spells continue to enchant the ruins

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