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A Journey from Silvermere to Qualinost

June 13th, 2015 by

Although triumphant from the defeat of the minotaur champion, the brave adventurers were quickly frustrated with Captain Herril’s unwillingness to organize and administer the practical details of a utopian workers’ collective in the Silvermere Mines. Eventually, Krista, Lockhart, and Sir Derek were able to convince Anya to sacrifice some idealism for expediency. In turn, Anya convinced Captain Herril to work out a fair negotiation with the mayor and sheriff for the unemployed slum-dwellers.

Glad to be rid of the self-imposed burden of protecting his shanty-town, Captain Herril was able to secure a job on a large ship that had sailed in from Carinth to escape the growing influence of Xurndun, a massive black dragon who has long been known to infest the southeastern swamps. Captain Herril quickly became known as Deckhand Earl, and he was just so happy to be on a boat again that he didn’t even give a fuck about the fact that everyone called him by the wrong name.

Although black dragons had been spotted in Darkwood Forest, immediately south of town, the adventurers insisted on trying to convince the captain of this ship that he should turn around and take them right back to where he had just escaped from. Well, Captain Jayce didn’t like that plan at all, but he did agree to let the group travel with him while he earned enough from trade runs to secure his dream retirement home in Silvermere. He also offered to sell the ship for 20,000 gold, but he’s pretty sure he’ll earn it working the river before he finds a buyer.

As the ship sailed east out of the Silver river port, it headed north and upstream against the Qualinesti River. The crew sailed without incident, passed the shores of Amphail and Bargewright to the port in Yartar. In the aternoon, cargo from Silvermere was unloaded for coin, and the crew took some easily-earned shore leave in the town’s finest inn (The Golden Spoon).

The next morning, the crew reboarded the ship and set a short way up the river to the elven docks. Some cargo from Yartar (mostly tools and wrought iron tools and some popular human foods) was carried up to the city of Qualinost and the crew went for their second night off in as many days.

Upon arriving in Solace, Anya’s parents greeted the adventurers and immediately devolved in to a philosophical discussion on the role of religion vs. magic in the world…

At this moment, it seems as though Krista and Anya will continue to visit with family and explore those philosophical discussion. But the question is, what kind of trouble will Aotakark, Lockhart, and Sir Derek come up with next?

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