Legends and Myths of a Forgotten Realm
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Elven Dreams

January 29th, 2020 by

The companions settled in to a comfortable life in Qualinost – the hazy sort of indulgence that is only possible for the shorter-lived races who dwell among the elves.

Daily tasks and chores are nearly eliminated through magic and nature combined. Trees, heavy with fruits and nuts and seed, bend their branches directly toward each window. Every meal is a feast, and the food vitalizes both body and mind. Water runs from dwelling to dwelling, ever as pure as the springs they originated from.

Time seems to stand still within the heavy branches of the trees that are carefully and lovingly shaped in to the dwellings and shops of this Elven city. There is certainly no sense of urgency among the elves, who tend to live a thousand years.

Many years have passed.

The mission is forgotten – was there ever even a mission?

Another golden sunset brings another hazy sort of daze as the sounds of music, merriment, and mystical amusements…

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